Inside Mann is the future of media management.

Based in the North-East of England, founder, Peter Mann, has over a decade of journalistic experience in magazine, newspaper, digital, radio and television journalism.

With interests lying primarily in that of sport, music and entertainment, why not check out the MEDIA PACKAGES we have on offer and see what we can do for you.

Regular content can be found with The Northern Echo, Newcastle Chronicle, Boxing News and through EGH Radio, the future of media is bright not only with Inside Mann, but with selective clients.

With a degree in Sport & Exercise Psychology and studied a diploma in Journalism, experience and quality is very much at the core of the business moving forward.

You can find out more about us via FACEBOOK and TWITTER and through emailing petermann78@hotmail.com


November 2017 – Present Matt Adey (Press, Social Media Promotion)

September 2017 – Present Girl from Winter Jargon (Client Management, Press, Social Media Promotion)

August 2017 – Present Jesse Lowes (Client Management, Press, Social Media Promotion)

August 2017 – Present Steve Daggett & The Velvets (Press, Social Media Promotion)

July 2017 – Present Vicky Hamilton (Press, Social Media Promotion)   New York October 2017

July 2017 – Present Sage Gateshead (Press, Social Media Promotion)

June 2017 – Present Alan Robson MBE (Press, Social Media Promotion, Book Publicity)

April 2017 – Present Chloe Chadwick (Press, Social Media Promotion)

March 2017 – Present Paul Economides (Press, Social Media Management)

Nov 2016 -April 2017 Social Room (Client Management, Press, Social Media Promotion)

Sept 2016 – Present Scream of Sirens (Press, Social Media Promotion)

Aug- Nov 2016 Bumblefoot (Press, Social Media Promotion)

May – Oct 2016 The Entertainers (Press, Social Media Promotion, Event Management)

Apr – Oct 2016 The Longsands (Press, Social Media Promotion)

Jan – Mar 2016 Tiree Conway (Digital Media, Social Media Promotion)

Oct 2016 – Present Twister (Media Management, Social Media Promotion)

October 2007 – Present Newcastle Legends (Media Management, Social Media Management, Event Management)

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