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Twister Welcome OffPeak!

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Twister, headline the main stage at the O2 Academy in Newcastle for the first time and alongside them will be some special friends with the third announcement being the addition of another Durham band, OffPeak.

Consisting of brothers Jamie and Robbie Pick (vocals & guitar respectively), Kier Hutchinson (bass), Kurtis Sumpton (rhythm guitar), and Jackson Raw (drums), the lads from Esh Winning releasing their EP, Told You So, their second, at the turn of the year with a sold out gig at Durham University’s SU.

“We started just over three years ago and weren’t even a band” began Jamie.

“It was more a few lads having fun until we realised we actually sounded good, then it just went from there.

“The first video, for Stay the Same, was released in early 2015 then we had an EP launch shortly after at the O2 Academy, which we sold out. After that we went touring a little and we’re just doing things off our own back and enjoying it, that’s why we do it.”

Robbie added: “We’ve had a base in Durham though since we started out and we religiously continue to use that.

“We’ve tried really hard to chase the dream but not to forget as to what we’re doing it for so just have to go for it and see what happens.

“The EP was recorded last year with Ben Jones at Wood Cottage Studios (Hartlepool), they’re amazing and would recommend to anyone.

“After that we’ll be taking stock and doing some more writing building towards launching something in November/December; we have the material to do so and we’ll look at keeping the gigs more northerly to increase our fan base.”

Now, with the support of Twister just around the corner for the Valley lads it’s certainly a case of onwards and upwards.

The EP launch was the perfect platform into 2017 and, whilst looking to do similar this time around as the momentum grows, in and out of the studio.

“The launch was really good and it got the year off to the perfect start,” continued Jamie.

“We have maintained the momentum we began with and the rest of the year will see us recording an EP in September and having a single launch night at Think Tank on Saturday 25 November.

“That will then be follows by releasing the EP in early 2018.

“First though we have Sunday at the Academy which we are absolutely buzzing about; to be given this opportunity by Twister we’d like to thank them, we really appreciate it.”

Tickets for the Academy show, priced at £7 entry (£8 on the door) and £11 VIP are available direct from OffPeak, or from

You can follow OffPeak’s progress on social media via Facebook or Twitter and they’ll see you all front and centre, on Tyneside, on May 21.

Twister Welcome A New Nowhere

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Twister, headline the main stage at the O2 Academy in Newcastle for the first time and alongside them will be some special friends with the second announcement being the addition of A New Nowhere.

The quartet, a melodic, atmospheric rock band from Tyneside consists of Mark Gregg (vocals & guitar), Kev Gregg (guitar), Martin Hudson (bass) and Jack Wilson (drums) have recently released their debut single ‘You and Me’ amidst some acclaim.

With a little over twelve months together on the rock circuit the lads are doing alright with the video for their single, we all know what happened there, putting them in the spotlight on a grander scale than maybe even they could have imagined.

“There was certainly method in madness doing the video for ‘You and Me,’” began guitarist Kev.

“Granted it was more attention seeking than anything but it worked and that was the aim really.

“It’s more of a debut with the record label so it made sense for people to come and see it more. The previous release (Dark Place) was more about finding out where we were at.

“Mark and I have always been into music and have been with bands, wrote songs etc., but when we were doing a cover of a Tom Petty track I realised that he, Mark, had the better voice.

“Then, when were at a Foo Fighters gig, we started talking about doing something and with every song being different then it’s a good variety so we got our acts together.

“We went through a few different bass players before Martin came on board and, no disrespect to them as they’ve been great, but he (Martin) has brought that grungy style and we get along really well, on the same wavelength.”


This weekend their year continues, taking things up another level as A New Nowhere support Twister on the O2 Academy main stage, the start of an incredible summer of fun for the lads which will also see several festivals, and more, before heading into the studio to lay down the tracks for their debut album.

“We’ve always been aware of the Twister lads for a good few years now,” continued Kev.

“When I saw his post on social media I messaged Stevie a couple of times about it, you have to be relentless if you want something and it just went from there.

“We genuinely though that it was going to be a low key affair but we’d have said yes anyway and we now can’t wait to get on with what will be a great gig.

“We’ve never played the main stage before so supporting Twister is just brilliant.

“After this weekend we’ve got a few festivals lined up, interviews on some local radio stations then, in September, we head into the studio to start recording our debut album for early next year.

“We pretty much have what we need for it but anything can still happen between now and then.”

Tickets for the Academy show, priced at £7 entry (£8 on the door) and £11 VIP are available direct from A New Nowhere, or from

You can follow A New Nowhere’s progress on social media via Facebook or Twitter and they’ll see you all front and centre, on Tyneside, on May 21.

Steel City rock stars heading to the Music Lounge

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After a slow but steady rise, Sheffield’s anthemic indie rockers, Sabella, are starting to make a name for themselves on the national music scene.

Heading to Stockton and The Music Lounge on April 22, an event which includes Teesside newcomers Unspoken, and Singapore Safehouse frontman, Jacob Lynch, the Sheffield quartet are preparing to be a name to be reckoned with.

Consisting of Jake Godfrey (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Tony Sutcliffe (lead guitar and songwriter), Joe Mirfin (bass), and Rob Neal (drums), Sabella have so far released three EP’s entitled Life You’ve Been Waiting For, The Calling, and most recently, Time to Leave with their latest single, Hard Enough, proving a massive hit for fans across the country.

It’s hard to think that a band of their calibre have been around less than five years, with Jake saying about their formation that: “Tony (Sutcliffe) has played guitar for years, I actually believe that he was born with one on his hands.

“When Joe (Martin) and I first got together Tony played in front of us and it all stemmed from there. We needed a vocalist and I’d always been praised for my voice and enjoyed doing it so though why not.

“It was after that, when we went to a Deadson’s gig that we met up with Rob (Neal) as we realised that we’d also need a drummer  – that was five years ago this summer. From that we started ‘destroying’ covers before getting our own studio and laying down tracks of our own.”

Now on tour across Yorkshire taking in their hometown of Sheffield as well as Doncaster and York the band visit Stockton for a night of fun with two trips to the capital for added good measure, several of which sees them supporting Billy Bibby and The Wry Smiles (formerly Catfish and the Bottlemen), Sabella are understandably excited to be out on the road.

(Unspoken, above video, and Jacob Lynch, below, are set to support Sabella later this month)

“We just want to do as many gigs as we can and playing to new audiences whilst trying to get new music out there at the same time,” continued Jake.

“Last year we supported Milburn (who will be playing this year’s Stockton Calling) at Sheffield’s O2 Academy which was certainly our biggest gig to date. They started up again last year and are a big band as it is with the show selling out in hours.

“Something like that certainly gives you fresh impetus to succeed and gave us a great insight into the grander side of the industry. Playing in front of big crowds like this is easy for me though as you can concentrate more on what you’re doing than if you were playing in front of say 50-60 people.

“I suppose that’s why we don’t do many here in Sheffield as we know we can pull good crowds here, we just like getting out and about and there’s a few places we’d like to perform such as Manchester & Newcastle.

“On this tour though we’ve even got two gigs in one day (May 27) where we play the Indiefields Festival in Edlington during the day then the Royal Standard in Sheffield on the night. Next year though we need to do some festivals but it’s difficult to get done what you want so just need to do what you can and keep looking forward.”

Having just finished the video for their latest single, Hang Me Dry, due for release in late April, Sabella will be releasing two more tracks, in June and August whilst gigging and stopping off at The Music Lounge along the way – tickets for which are available on the door priced at £3.

Economides Announces Opponent For April 22

 (Images courtesy of Dave Thornton Photography)

Welsh-Cypriot super bantamweight, Paul ‘The Spartan’ Economides, 20-6 (4), steps back into the ring this month when he opposes Welsh rival and former Welsh Area champion, Mark Evans, 13-3-2(1), over six rounds.

Economides, who narrowly lost against Sean Davis in his last outing six months ago is chomping at the bit to get back to winning ways, citing world title success within eighteen months.

Now 30 the Chester Boxers star will take on ‘Little Marky’ at the Liverpool Echo Arena on April 22 on the undercard of Martin Murray – Gabriel Rosado live on Sky Sports, the fighter aiming to impress Matchroom supremo Eddie Hearn once again.

He said: “My training has been going really good and I’m feeling sharp now.

“I’m really looking forward to getting back in the ring and especially being back at the Echo Arena performing on a Matchroom show.

“I’m really excited for the Mark Evans fight for he’s a good opponent and that motivates me even more. I know the fans will have a good fight on their hands and I’m ready to put on a show.”

Evans, to date, has won thirteen of his eighteen contests, drawing two and the Holyhead fighter is a challenging proposition for Economides. The blips on Evans’ record all came in quick succession during what was a disastrous 2014.

He has since slowly rebuilt his professional career and both fighters will look to put on a great performance at the Arena later this month.

**NB** Economides has a Media Work-Out Day scheduled for Wednesday April 12 at Chester Boxers from 11am where the press are invited to interview Paul and his team, photograph and video him in a sparring session, and see what it’s like to be a professional boxer.

The Work-Out Day will take place at Chester Boxers, Unit 3A, Lightfoot Street, Chester. CH2 3AD – PLEASE REGISTER INTEREST BY NOON THIS SATURDAY, APRIL 8 via to plan accordingly.

Twister Welcome Sam Gibson

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Next month pop rockers, Twister, headline the main stage at the O2 Academy in Newcastle for the first time and alongside them will be some special friends with the first announcement being that of soloist, Sam Gibson.

Having released the EP, Before All Else, in 2012, Gibson, who is an international acoustic rock artist in his own right, with endorsements from both Candlewood and more recently Optima Strings, followed up with the debut album, Plastic Universe, in 2015, which all but solidified his name in rock.

“This is my fourth year performing on a full-time basis and have been gigging for around six,” began Sam.

“Although the good definitely outweighs the bad I just need to keep plugging away and doing what I do. I performed over 180 gigs last year which included an amazing tour of Switzerland where I’m looking at going back to later this year taking in France, Germany and Italy along the way.

“Last year was just amazing and it just added to all those big gigs I’ve done over the years and this (supporting Twister) will be another of those gigs.”

May 21 will see Sam open for Twister’s ‘The State of Mind Collection’ launch party and the two main parts of the wheel go back a number of years, Stevie Stoker (lead vocalist of Twister) calling on the friendship to get that wheel in motion.

“We’ve done a few things together over the last few years so I had to say yes straight away,” continued Sam.

“I like their (Twister’s) music anyway and he likes mine which is an obvious, added bonus so know we can work together.

“I’ve played upstairs (Academy Two) before but this is an amazing opportunity, for all of us, and I can’t wait to get out there and not only perform but also see the others do their thing as well.”

Constantly tour the UK and abroad, with festival appearances for added measure, Sam will follow up that May gig on Tyneside with hitting the studio and the recording of a new album of his own.

Tickets for the Academy show, priced at £7 entry and £11 VIP are available direct from Sam himself, or from

You can follow Sam’s progress on social media via Facebook or Twitter  or visit and he’ll see you all front and centre, on Tyneside, on May 21.

Teessider’s Light Up Their Own Vision

(Feature’s with Cattle & Cane will be in The Northern Echo and in Accent Magazine this April; images credited to Lauren Close (Empire Gig) and Jodie Canwell (studio) with permission)

If the singles, Make Your Vision and Fool For You, are anything to go by then the upcoming album release by Teesside powerhouses, Cattle & Cane, will be a success.

The album, Mirrors, will be released on April 28, either side of the five-piece sibling bands’ two regional dates, appearing at Stockton Calling where they headline The Georgian Theatre on April 15, and The Sage Gateshead on May 4.

Speaking to the band in the run-up to their UK tour, where they’ll take in other dates around the country with The Wardrobe in Leeds, Gullivers in Manchester, The Bodega in Nottingham, and The Camden Assembly in London to mention a few, the Hammill siblings, Helen and Joe said: “Make Your Vision was quite a departure for us but we were so happy with the way it turned out and the reception it got.

“We’re always keen to explore new sounds. One recent review compared it to Debbie Harry and ABBA – I’ll take that!

“As for the album itself, we had the best time in Belgium and Malta making this album. We got to be really creative with it and it’s quite different to the first! My favourite track is Paperman!”

Receiving enthused reviews from their home town Teesside Gazette and the Independent’s Culture Magazine certainly fans the flames which the siblings have built up over the years.

Playing at Stockton Calling, so soon after their sell-out Christmas performance at the Middlesbrough Empire, as well as the visit to Tyneside and the Sage has certainly got them excited adding: “We love playing our home town because the shows always have such an amazing atmosphere.

“We go to Stockton Calling every year because we love the festival so we’re thrilled to be one of the headliners. We’ve played The Sage once before so we’re really excited to get back as it’s such a special venue and we can’t wait to do our own show there.

“After the tour then we can’t wait to play at Hardwick Live in August – we love The Beatles so being on the same bill as The Bootleg Beatles doing Sgt Peppers will be amazing!

“Hopefully we’ll get back over to Germany in the autumn too. Mainly though, we love writing and being creative, so we’ll be working hard on lots of new music all year round!”

Further information on Cattle & Cane can be found via their website and their new album, Mirrors, is available for pre-order from

United’s Juniors Were A Class Above

Thommo, Watto and Howey who, alongside Clarkie and Elliott, were the boys of yesteryear done good; Ossie’s Boys who made the grade and went on to become Newcastle stars in their own right, after a baptism of fire that is.

During the early nineties the Magpies were on the blink of oblivion, staring relegation to the old Third Division point blank in the face and, with then manager Ossie Ardiles having blooded the kids into the St James Park cauldron, the onus was on them to get United out of a very fine mess.

Something had to give, and, unfortunately for Ardiles, it was his job that was sacrificed, in came Kevin Keegan and the rest is, as they say, pretty much history.

The first of the Magpies ‘famous five’ to debut was Steve Howey, wearing the number seven, on May 3 1989, some 27 years ago, at home to West Ham. It would be mid-way through the 1990-91 season that Lee Clark (vs. Bristol City, as a sub for Neil Simpson) and Steve Watson (vs. Wolves) made theirs.

Come March 1991 Robbie Elliott would come on a sub against Middlesbrough and eight months later the fifth, and final debutant from the United Youth ranks, Alan Thompson, would make his bow away to Swindon, coming on a sub for Andy Hunt – it’s certainly a bygone era for the stars of yesteryear and for the three of them, Steve Howey, Steve Watson and Alan Thompson, they wouldn’t change it for anything.

“I made my debut way back under Jim Smith in 1989, playing three times at the end of the season (against West Ham, Millwall and Manchester United),” began Howey.

“However, I didn’t play the following season and had to wait until August 1990 to pull on a first team jersey again. By this time Ossie (Ardiles) was in charge and, although it was actually difficult to play the game with kids and struggled, he was actually brilliant in other aspects and brought us on really well.

“I can actually lay claim to having played in three decades at Newcastle, the eighties, nineties and noughties under managers who liked me and thought that I could play football.

“Having started as a junior with the club I’ve played under (Jack) Charlton, (Jim) Smith, (Ossie) Ardiles, (Kevin) Keegan, (Kenny) Dalglish, (Ruud) Gullit and Sir Bobby Robson before moving to Manchester City, coincidentally under Kevin Keegan.

“Keegan kept the likes of us kids when he joined the club (towards the end of the near disastrous 1991-92 campaign) and went on to bring in stronger players, building up the club up with us as foundations.

“He did the same with City as well (also winning the Championship title), forging a great set of players who could match others around them. We had some really good players in both sides and it showed – the commitment and effort shone through with both sides.”

If Howey was at the forefront of United’s younger generation, Watto can lay claim to being the youngest, when on November 10 1990, he burst onto the scene away to Wolves, at the tender age of 16 years, 7 months and nine days, a record which still stands today.

For Watto, the dark days of the past are a time which are levelled by the success they achieved, just one thing they believe they could have done better with.

“It is a pity that we never managed to win a title for all else that we accomplished during that period,” added Watto.

“The famous example of what can be achieved was the Man. United class of ’92; us, at Newcastle’s School of Excellence, had been at school together since we were six and we always hoped that things would get better, be successful and there was plenty of dark days and you have to learn from those experiences and take it forward into what you do next.

“What Keegan did though, the impact he had during those years, was unexpected and the club has been up and down since then. He was one of several, high profile managers that I enjoyed playing under, some good people irrespective of club but the memories, they stay.

“Highlights, then there’ll always be making your debut at St James’ back in November 1990; that along with the games against Man United, Barcelona, both the Liverpool games, and of course winning promotion – that was special.”

The last of the five, Alan Thompson, was shorn of luck during his spell with his hometown club but went on to win honours galore north of the border with Glasgow Celtic in the Scottish Premier League.

He also went on to enjoy coaching spells with both clubs between 2008 and 2012 but being at Newcastle United is an opportunity too good to turn down, in any capacity; those and testimonials play rise to similar feelings of satisfaction.

“It was a great opportunity for the younger lads and, although it wasn’t ideal where the first team were placed at the time, to pull on that jersey, in front of those fans, was absolutely amazing,” Thommo continued.

“My chances though were limited so ended up moving to the North-West and Bolton where there was a completely different feel, a change compared to what life was like at Newcastle.

“When I moved onto Celtic (after a spell at Aston Villa), I was involved in what was probably the most successful period in their modern history (European Cup in the sixties aside). At a club like Celtic, it’s all about the winning.

“I then came back to Newcastle for a spell on the coaching staff which I absolutely loved although going back to Parkhead was an opportunity I couldn’t refuse.”

Three of United’s ‘famous five,’ Steve Howey, Steve Watson and Alan Thompson, will be appearing in the ‘Entertainers 20th Anniversary Game’ at Kingston Park in aid of the Alan Shearer Foundation between Newcastle Legends and Manchester Select.

Around the Region’s Music I

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County Durham rockers, Twister, recently announced an O2 Academy headline gig set to rock the ages in Newcastle on May 21 for their ‘Combined State of Mind: The Collection.’ The quartet fronted by founder, Stevie Stoker, released the first part, ‘Designed State of Mind,’ late last year at Academy Two and will add ‘Refined State of Mind’ for the combined collection.

Four days later, at Wylam Breweries, indie stars, The Longsands, play their final gig as Trevor Cox, Ian Barnes, David Stanyer, Paul Stephenson and Callum Thompson roll back the years one last time with tracks from both ‘Meet Me In Spanish City’ and ‘Us & Them,’ which was released last year, are set to bring down the house; meanwhile Sunderland’s indie newcomers, Social Room, will support From the Jam on the Academy main stage in mid-September as they look to take this year by storm.

Regional rock legends, the Tygers of Pan Tang, will see their latest offering and self-titled album, released in North America as they themselves embark on their ‘Only the Brave’ European tour throughout March, April and May along with a new single (look out for an upcoming feature next month).

Teesside powerhouses, Cattle & Cane, fronted by siblings Helen and Joe Hammill, performed four incredible dates at the start of the year whilst supporting The Head and The Heart’s Signs of Light tour. Now, starting at Stockton Calling in mid-April, the siblings will embark on a twelve-date spring tour which will also see the launch of their new album, ‘Mirrors,’ along with a date at The Sage, Gateshead on May 4. Another Teesside native, singer-songwriter Samantha Durnan, will be supported by James Gray Robson & the Lonely Burn at Stainton Hall on June 24 as she releases her album ‘want to Wander.’

Gigs to look out for include both Geoff Mull & Friends, and One Man Revival with Black Nevada, Saints of Arcadia, and The Firelight Opera are playing at the O2 Academy; Fatherson, can be seen on both Teesside and Tyneside; Jarrod Dickenson and Nine Below Zero have outings at the The Cluny; and internationally-acclaimed artist, Caro Emerald, plays at The Sage for a date long since sold out.

Worthy of a special mention is the upcoming event at Preston Hall Museum on the evening of March 31 for the inaugural Watermill Sessions Live. Acoustic-based performers from alternative country, Americana, and folk music sees Elaine Palmer, James Gray Robson & The Lonely Burn, Tom Joshua, George Boomsma and People Poems all make an appearance. Palmer brings with her some fantastic stock to the Watermill stage with a just as equally impressive roll-call having shared with the likes of KT Tunstall, David Gray, Emmylou Harris, King Creosote and more.

Scottish indie stars are an Open Book

Glaswegian indie-rock trio, Fatherson, released their second album, ‘Open Book’ to mass acclaim towards the end of last year, eclipsing the initial success that was created from their debut masterpiece, I Am An Island which came out two years prior.

Fronted by Ross Leighton (guitars and vocals) alongside Marc Strain (bass) and Greg Walkinshaw (drums) the trio, along with session guitarist Chris Platt, are presently embarking on a European tour which takes in Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, France and Austria before a multi-date UK run that includes hitting Teesside in mid-March and Tyneside at the end of March.

With singles which include the debut First Born back in 2012 through to I Like Knowing in 2014 and their recent offering, Just Past the Point of Breaking last year, the lads have seen an astronomic rise in fortunes after their debut album went into the UK indie charts top 40 and peaking at number five in the iTunes alternative charts; then, last year, Open Book peaked at number 46 in the official UK charts and ahead of the likes of Bon Jovi and Amy Winehouse, Taylor Swift and the Stone Roses, Michael Jackson and many more.

“The first album (I Am An Island) was pretty fun and, having released a few EP’s, felt we could release an album and it just worked itself from there,” said vocalist Ross Leighton.

“We were rather apprehensive to begin with but, when things go well, it dissipates all of that which is where it left us. Then, eighteen months or so after releasing the first one we were doing a second – it affords self-confidence to go on and do more.

“The focus has always been on making albums for where we are at specific times in our lives but never really intended any of it. It’s just crazy and it’s amazing at the same time that it’s gone through what it has. Considering how we started, in the streets and pubs of Kilmarnock, to get to this, is pretty phenomenal really.”

With plenty still to add to the second half of this year, their current tour sees them on the road until early April and regional, north-east dates holding special meaning to the lads.

On March 11 they are at the Westgarth Social Club in Middlesbrough for the Kids are Solid Gold anniversary gig, before a trip to Newcastle University’s student union on March 31; the band also, in February 2016, toured with Tyneside powerhouses, Boy Jumps Ship, taking in venues across Liverpool, Nottingham, Brighton, Manchester and Newcastle.

Leighton added: “We’ve always had an affiliation with the north-east as there’s a fine commonality with the way people are, there’s similar qualities amongst nice people.

“We love Middlesbrough and there’s a great vibe there. Andy Carr, the promoter there, is a great person and has a strong fan-base of his own which is amazing. We’ve also been on tour with the lads from Boy Jumps Ship for a fortnight last year.

“That was fun as we’ve known each other for years so it was fantastic that we were able to do that with them.”

The UK dates for Fatherson will see them being supported, on the final leg, by Cambridge alternative-rockers, Mallory Knox, who, as a five-piece have just released their third album, Wired after their latest single, Giving It Up, was first aired on BBC Radio One.

Tickets for any Fatherson tour dates are available from where you can also purchase their album on CD, vinyl or digital download.

Samantha Is On A Wander

With her upcoming album launch at Stainton Hall in late June already sold out, artist Samantha Durnan is quietly building up a nice package of dates to whet the appetite adoring fans prior to the occasion.

With dates that include an appearance at The Green Room (NARC Stage) at the annual Stockton Calling, and supporting Cape Cub at the 2nd Anniversary gig for NE Volume, Miss Durnan and her band are certainly keeping busy over the next three months.

“Stockton Calling will be the first time myself and the band will be performing the new material from my up and coming album,” began Samantha.

“It will be exciting to share that live with an audience.

“I’m also really grateful that my album launch has sold out in just a couple of weeks.

“I can’t wait to perform my new material for everyone who has purchased a ticket.”

Dates for your diary where Samantha Durnan will be performing are as follows –

April 15th | Narc Stage @ The Green Room | Stockton Calling


May 12th | supporting Cape Cub @ The Westgarth Social Club | Middlesbrough


May 14th | Hemelvaart Bier Cafe | Ayton

June 11th | Roofbox Stage @ Hash Bar | Music Box | Darlington

June 24th | ‘Want to Wander’ album launch @ Stainton Hall | Middlesbrough (SOLD OUT)


Follow Samantha’s journey on FACEBOOK and TWITTER